Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It is amazing how people say “kick all the illegals out. “ I agree we should “kick’em all out”, but I'm talking about a different group of people.

Somehow during these most difficult times we live in, I think it makes people feel better to say, “Kick’em all the hell out!!!” That felt good.

However, the problems our country is experiencing have absolutely nothing to do with immigration. Unfortunately, the problems have everything to do with our own U.S. government. Don’t miss understand, our form of government and Constitution is the best in the world and best ever known to man. However, our current leaders keep trampling over our Constitution and the principles outlined by our founding fathers without even batting an eye.

Allow me to provide a few examples:

We have a court system that does not insist on strict construction and original intent when interpreting the Constitution.

What this means is a few judges can circumvent the electorate and the will of the people by making up law instead of following the Constitution. Can you imagine circumventing the Constitution of the United States? It is happening every day. As a result, we have laws today restricting Americans from placing a cross on government property honoring their fallen heroes. Some wacco judges say it is a violation of the separation of church and state clause found in the Constitution. Either they can’t read or these judges are not very smart. Remember, just because someone has a formal education and wears a black robe doesn’t make them smart.

The First Amendment to the Constitution says:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. The keywords here are: “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

Guess they forgot to read that part. The first part simply means that the government will not affirmatively make a law establishing a religion. However, the people should never be prohibited from worshiping God, whether on government property or not – as long as it is not organized by the government.

2. The U.S. Government is growing at an alarming rate.

It has never been the intent of our founders that the U.S. government control every aspect of our lives. Just read the federalist papers. As a matter of fact, the power was to be very limited. Defend the country; have a national currency; and to promote an environment for “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We call it the “Declaration of Independence”, yet many of our current leaders interpret this to mean we want to be controlled. Maybe it should have been called the “Declaration of Bondage” in their eyes.

Just look at the current state of the Social Security System; Medicare & Medicaid and our national debt. And yet they now want to run our healthcare system. These people couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

Unfortunately, many of our leaders have been raised in a laboratory, never really having any experience in real life situations – many having never worked at a real job, and most having no clue how to run a business. Yet these are our leaders today. Of course formal education is important, but unless it is combined with real world experience you have nothing.

Therefore, the power of the U.S. government should be severely limited. Leave the people alone. They are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

3. Government is intruding on the free market system.

Every day, private industries are growing smaller and smaller as the government grows larger and larger. As this continues, there will be no incentives for anyone to be the best they can be. Instead it will promote mediocrity. Why? Because no matter how well you do at your job, it will be the government setting the wages instead of the free market system.

Oh…Almost forgot. Weren’t we talking about immigration? That’s right, I almost forgot. It’s those damn illegal immigrants causing all the problems. That’s right… Let me focus on people who have no power rather than those who are in power and robbing me of my freedom.

Here’s what I say. Any government official who does not know how to read and respect the United States Constitution should be kicked out of office. That’s right you heard me…

KICK’EM ALL THE HELL OUT!!! Now then… I feel better now.