Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The problem with the immigration debate is most of the republican candidates are treating it as though illegal immigrants recently arrived in the U.S. As a result, their solutions are not practical. THEY ARE NOT TREATING THIS SUBJECT IN A TRULY CONSERVATIVE MANNER.

For example, the republican candidates say we should deport all the illegal immigrants. This idea would be fine if there were only five thousand illegal immigrants who recently entered the country. We could afford to do that. However, there are more than twenty million in the U.S. today. The expense to deport would be enormous. It’s funny how some republicans don’t care about the deficit when it comes to deportation. They are willing to spend whatever it costs. That doesn't sound like a true conservative to me.

The republican candidates also suggest we should not spend any taxpayer dollars to educate illegal immigrant children. Again, many children have been here for close to twenty years through no fault of their own. Our choice is to either educate them or to allow them to become a drag on sociey. The cost to society NOT to educate would be much greater than any cost to educate. We must be concerned about our long term deficits.
Any true conservative would be.

The republican candidates support punishing all employers who hire illegal immigrants. This view fails to recognize that American citizens would be adversely affected since many illegal workers support American spouses and American children. In other words they are advocating firing the main breadwinner and forcing their dependents on public assistance. Again, what happen to the republican’s great concern about the deficit?

The solutions to the immigration problem must be practical and humane.

Number one, we must secure the borders. The border can be secured by utilizing technology; boots on the ground and fences in certain areas. The idea that we need a fence around our entire country is ridiculous. Our technology has the ability to see a silver dollar on the ground from outer space – and can tell if its heads or tails. Yet somehow many claim that technology can’t see a Mexican trying to cross our border. Give
me a break - If the Mexican is that smart we should let him in for free and give him a full scholarship to our finest schools. The fact is a virtual fence can be a great tool in helping secure our borders.

Secondly, we must deal with those illegal immigrants already present in the United States. After paying substantial fines for breaking our laws, we must come up with a fair and humane pathway to citizenship. As I stated above, deportation is not practical.

Finally, when we have our immigration problem under control, we can begin to consider some of the things the republican candidates are advocating to prevent to problem from happeing again. However, this can only be done when the current problem has been resoloved - and not before.

The sad truth is the republican candidates, with the exception of Rick Perry, are not being thoughtful on this subject. They are simply throwing out red-meat to their constituents rather than dealing with the real and practical solutions. It is so easy just to say “DEPORT THEM ALL!” It gets the crowed all worked up and you really look like a true conservative.

The last time I checked, a true conservative was a God fearing man or woman. How we treat other human beings, even when they are wrong, is of great concern to me and should be of great concern to every true conservative out there.