Monday, May 21, 2012

William Streppone, Immigration Attorney, Releases 11 Videos Arguing for a Humane Approach to Our Immigration Problem - 'A Humane Approach is the Only Real Solution' 
In the videos, William Streppone’s arguments crush the same old clich├ęs many use to argue against a humane approach.

William Streppone addresses each one of these common arguments:

"They broke the law therefore they must be deported"
"We should not reward people who break the law"
"Pathway to citizenship will be an incentive for more illegal immigrants"
"E-verify would resolve the problem"
"All we have to do is enforce the laws already on the books"


They broke the law therefore they must be deported
What is the rule of law? Immigration attorney, William Streppone, argues in this video that the rule of law is not only the statues on the books, but also takes into account extenuating circumstances and other issues before rendering punishment.

We should not reward people who break the law
In this video, William Streppone, smashes the old myth that giving illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship is somehow rewarding bad behavior. He argues that they're already here and have been here for many years. It would be better to have them contribute to our healthcare system and pay taxes than to spend to money it would cost to chase them down and deport them.

Pathway to citizenship will be an incentive for more illegal immigrants
William Streppone destroys the myth that if a pathway to citizenship is enacted, it will create an incentive for more illegal immigrants to come to the United States. The myth sounds reasonable and is often repeated, but when analized closely it becomes clear it is simply a myth.

E-verify would resolve the problem
In this video William Streppone discusses “e verify”. "It is a good idea in principle but would have a devastating effect on innocent people if implemented now."

All we have to do is enforce the laws already on the books
Unfortunately, the problem is so big enforcing the laws on the books will never work. The laws on the books were not designed to handle millions of illegal immigrants. Therefore, it is paramount we get our immigration problem under control before we spend time enforcing the laws already on the books.

Just deport them all
This video shows it is impractical to deport all the illegal immigrants. Not only is it the wrong thing to do, but the cost would be enormous.Therefore, a humane approach to resolve the immigration problem must be implemented. Simply put, when dealing with human beings the solution must be humane. After all, the word humane comes from the word human.

To see the videos addressing each point above, go to:

William A. Streppone


  1. Dennis Lynch came to my town last night, at the invitation of my county's commissioners and sheriff's dept, to screen his film at the local community college. The auditorium was packed, with mostly a Tea Party-type crowd. (The sponsorship of this event was disturbing to me and others, but that's a whole nother subject.) I found the film so flawed it would be impossible to summarize its problems in a paragraph or two. I just wanted to say "thank you" for your review and response to Lynch's film. I've watched several of your videos and hope to see them all. I found your parable of the rich land owner especially apt. Your humane and principled approach is much appreciated - I hope to send more folks to your website to see the videos.

    1. Thank you very much Dennis for your kind words. I truly appreciate it. I also got a chance to read your article on Mr. Lynch’s visit to your county – “Frederick County screens anti-immigration film” posted on August 26th. Great job and great photographs! The combination of your writing and photographs made me feel I was right there.

      Also, thank you very much for including a link to my videos.

      William Streppone

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  3. Hey, just have gone through your blog. It is very informative. I just want to ask about the second title for immigration problem. These days, it is common that people who breaks the law are being rewarded. Is the solution you have mentioned really possible? i dont think so.

  4. Thanks for dropping this post! Good videos about Immigration. Keep putting up.